Neue Nidwaldner und Obwaldner Zeitung, 13.6.16

NNZ Nachrichten 90 Days Of Summer
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Urner Bote, 3.3.2016

Eine Woche vor dem Konzert im Gaswerk
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Ein Tag nach dem Konzert im Gaswerk vom 2.3
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Neue Nidwaldner und Obwaldner Zeitung, 2.12.2015

Peaceful Land - Neue Single für den Frieden
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Peaceful Land - Titelseite NNZ
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Luzerner Rundschau, Freitag, 3.7.2015

Dance Percormance vor dem KKL
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Zentralschweiz Am Sonntag, 21.6.2015

Hungry 4 Your Love_Musikvideo Release
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Fleur Magali @ US Stable Scoop Radio Show

Glenn the Geek, the founder of the following radio show, saw my music video for Find Your Way and invited me to his stable scoop radio show. He finally made a music special with me. Thank you so much. :) Listen to the interview here.

Songs being used:

Fleur Magali - Find Your Way

Fleur singing a Cover of Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar

Fleur Magali - Hungry 4 Your Love (official release date: June, 1)

Fleur singing her own Cover Version of Pharrell Williams - Happy

Horse Nation Article

Radio Show: Horses In The Morning with Fleur Magali

Here what americans say about my song and how they pronounce my name :)

Radio Interviews CH



Radio 3Fach, Live in Concert

Oktober 2013


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Radio DRS1

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